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Replace paper sign up form

No more crossing out names with a black marker. Our user-friendly sign in app will always protect your clients’ and patients’ privacy as they electronically sign in.

Securely Digitally Store Information

Once signed in, the client’s information is automatically and securely transmitted where it can only be viewed by authorized personel on a desktop computer.

Easily Customize Digital Sign in

Digital Sign in allows you to customize the information you want to gather. You can set your own custom welcome and thank you screens or even display special promotions.

Great for the Everyday Office

Digital Sign is an easy-to-use Visitor registry for your business. The app can be used for any professional environment that keeps track of client visits.

Great for the Doctor's Office

Not only does Digital Sign in make your Medical Professional Practice compliant, it also helps keep your patients’ contact information up to date.

Great for Schools and Education

Impress the parents and office staff with Digital Sign in. Save on costly paper, and streamline office traffic. Our youth expects the latest in technology.

Great for Events and Parties

Having a formal event such as a convention or business party? Greet your guests with a modern yet classy touch using a customized Digital Sign in.

Available for iPad in the App Store

Protect your patients' or guests’ privacy and promote your practice, office or event.

No more crossing off the names with a black marker or getting ink on your clothes. Our user-friendly app protects your guests' privacy as they electronically sign in. Once signed in, the guests’ information goes automatically to your secure web portal.

The iPad sign in resets automatically to welcome your next guest. This is a great feature for both you and your guests.

This app allows you to customize the information you want to gather and your welcome and thank you screen. Update as often as you'd like. The room for your creativity is endless.